Make proof positive your proofreading and copyediting outsource!


Which of these causes you the most stress?

1. Uneven Quality Control in Your Documents

Do copy errors find their way into your documents despite your staff’s best efforts? Do you receive complaints from the end users of your documents or letters to the editor from your publication’s readers about embarrassing copy errors?

2. Deadline Pressure

Does your word processing or publications department experience occasional periods of overload near deadline time? Do you find yourself or your staff taking work home frequently in order to meet deadlines? 

Do you sometimes wish you had a “safety valve” — someone reliable to whom you could send copy to be proofread or edited when you don’t have the time to do it or when you have nagging doubts about the copy quality?

Look to proof positive for relief!

proof positive is a proofreading and copyediting outsource for some of Kansas City’s most prestigious publications and corporations. Now in its fourth decade, proof positive enjoys a reputation for accuracy, strong attention to detail, and outstanding service to the customer. Consider the advantages of outsourcing your overload copy to proof positive:

1. Guaranteed Error-Free Copy

The quality of your documents and publications should reflect, support, and reinforce the image of your business.

2. Commitment to Deadline and Quick Turnarounds

Your production schedule will never suffer because the copy is languishing in proofreading. Longer manuscripts will be returned in installments as they are finished, and same-day or overnight turnarounds are available for shorter documents.

3. Using proof positive Makes Good Business Sense

a. Very reasonable rates, especially when compared with those of other outsource services in the graphic arts/publishing industries.

b. Significant discounts are available.  Call (816) 523-6482 or e-mail us at to request a Rate Card and information on introductory, volume, and nonprofit-status discounts.

​c. You pay no employee benefits. All payments to proof positive are on an outside-vendor, independent-contractor basis, claimable as contract-labor expenses on IRS Form 1099.

Call artisan / proof positive anytime (including evenings and weekends) at (816) 523-6482 and ask for Frank Kresen, or e-mail him at  artisanproof positive: Quality/Convenience/Dependability ... since 1985